Radio Testing

In the area of radio testing, CETECOM has numerous accreditations for various technologies and accreditation systems, such as an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation or various international certification bodies, to document test reports for compliance with the regulations.


Testing services

  • Regulatory conformance testing on almost all radio or wireless devices and systems
  • Qualification testing according to different private compliance programs, e.g. Bluetooth® SIG, Wi-Fi® CERTIFIED.
  • Customized testing following manufacturer‘s specifications
  • Interoperability testing against designated reference devices or test environments
  • Coexistence investigation to ensure a disturbance free functionality of different radio applications simultaneously operated within the same frequency bands.


Aeronautical and Nautical radio equipment

  • VHF communication transceiver for mobile aeronautical radio (aircraft based station)
  • VHF communication transceiver for mobile aeronautical radio (land based station)
  • Emergency locator transmitter ELT


Cordless telecommunications

  • Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)
  • Cordless Advanced Technology – internet and quality (CAT-iq)
  • Ultra Low Energy (DECT ULE)


Medical devices

  • Low power active medical implants
  • Ultra low power medical data service systems


Microwave Radio Link Systems

  • Point to Point equipment
  • Multipoint equipment, etc.



  • LTE



  • Land mobile service
  • Analogue PMR/PAMR standards
  • Digital transmission standards like TETRA, TETRAPOL



Radio Testing Laboratory with Car

Radar equipment

  • Road transport and traffic telematics
  • Shipborne radar
  • Tanks level probing radar


Satellite Radio

  • Satellite interactive terminals and satellite user terminals
  • Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)
  • Satellite News Gathering, truck-mounted/fly-away Transportable Earth Stations (SNG-TES)
  • Land Mobile Earth Stations (LMES)
  • Maritime Mobile Earth Stations (MMES)
  • Mobile Earth Stations (S-PCN MES)
  • Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms (ESOMP)


Short range devices

  • Radio modules for data transmission
  • Wireless microphones, loudspeakers and other broadband audio and video applications
  • Transponder systems and RFIDs
  • Telecommand devices
  • Remote-controllable toys and air models
  • Monitoring systems, alarm and emergency systems
  • Alarms, identification systems, radio-determination, telecommand, telemetry, etc.
  • Inductive loop transmitters
  • Detection, movement and alert applications, etc.
  • Smart metering wireless access
  • Wireless charging


Wideband Transmission Systems

  • Data transmission equipment operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM
  • Broadband radio access networks; 5 GHz high performance RLAN
  • Radio LAN‘s and Bluetooth® applications, W-LAN, HiperLAN, Home-RF, Wi-Fi®