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Payment Solution Testing

For maximum security during the payment process

As a leading and independent full-service provider of smart card solutions, CETECOM offers a wide range of services for implementing the type approval process for mobile payment applications, ICC cards and terminals.

Test schemes and accreditations around Payment Solution Testing

  • EMVCo (Terminal: Contact L1, Contact L2, Contactless L1, Contactless product (C2), PICC L1, Mobile Product)
  • American Express (Level 1: Contactless card ID1, Mobile Handset (UICC, HCE))
  • Mastercard
    • Card Product Testing (M/Cip4, PayPass M/Chip4, M/Chip Advanced, Non-M/Chip products)
    • Mobile product testing (NFC Mobile Device (SWP, eSE, HCE), Secure Element (UICC, eSE, FESE))
    • MasterCard Contactless Reader V3.x
  • VISA
    • Chip Card Testing (Contactless Level 1)
    • Mobile Testing (Contactless Level 1, HCE Level 1)
    • Terminal Testing (MSD & qVSDC, VISA Cross testing, VOQOS)

Other contactless technologies

  • ISO/IEC 14443

Standardization activities

Various smart card terminals that have to pass Payment Solution checks

Testing services

  • Approval tests
  • Pretests
  • Debug services
  • Consulting

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