IOT Security Testing

CETECOM verifies the IT security of your connected devices.

Connected devices (also Internet-of-Things – IOT) are based on sensor/actuator technology, back-end connections and optionally also gateways and smartphone APPs. Various wireless technologies are used:

  1. Bluetooth, Zigbee, WLAN and similar technologies to connect the networked device to the smartphone or gateway.
  2. A (mostly) cellular mobile connection to connect the device to the backend.

The interconnected environment, without proper protection, opens the risk of attacks to the application or individual components. Attackers have three main potential targets to gain access to a networked device or its environment:

  1. The device itself
  2. The network
  3. The infrastructure (app, cloud)

Accordingly, the security of the network environment must be ensured to a reasonable degree. This includes:

  • a secure application
  • robust design
  • trustworthy handling of private data
  • secure update/upgrade behavior of firmware and software
  • the security against attacks on the data validity and authenticity of the communication partners.


CETECOM IoT Security Services

In addition to our years of experience in the regulatory certification of products with wireless technologies, we can now also offer services in the context of IoT Security and thus another important aspect in the context of the market entry of your products.

As part of the CETECOM IoT Security Services, we verify the current state of the security of your networked devices.

Our service offer includes the following components:

  • Threat assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Code and architecture review
  • Advice on requirements and mechanisms for the production of IT security
  • Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing
    • API
    • Communication links
    • Data Management
    • App
    • Device
  • Ensuring safety in the device’s life cycle
  • Creation of test reports and recommendations