Amazon Alexa self-test services at CETECOM

While using Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, customers expect a high quality and consistent experience across all Alexa built-in devices. In order to support this experience, Amazon has implemented the following test process for device makers that wish to launch products with the Alexa Built-in badge:


Step 1: Complete security requirements

Security requirements are available at


Step 2: Complete self-test checklists

CETECOM can officially provide self-test product services for Alexa built-in products, based on the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) self-test checklists.


Step 3: Submit your product to Amazon AVS test labs for testing

Once the self-test checklists are completed, the manufacturer must submit the checklists to Amazon via the Developer Portal where the product was originally created (*Login required). After the self-test results have been reviewed by Amazon, the manufacturer will receive approval to ship the products along with shipping instructions directly from the testing team.


Step 4: Testing by Amazon

The testing process starts when Amazon receives the products for evaluation:

Amazon Alexa testing process

If the product meets all test requirements, it can be released to the market.


Step 5: Post-certification updates (OTA)

All firmware updates must be tested by the manufacturer before they are used in products (OTA updates). If significant updates are made, devices previously certified by Amazon may need to be resubmitted for certification, incremental certification, or self-test reports.

Further information on the full Amazon product testing process can found on Amazon’s Developer Portal.


Our Services

CETECOM can officially provide product self-testing services for Alexa built-in devices, based on the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) self-test checklists.

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