Recorded version – Webinar on the basics of market approval for devices with radio technologies

CETECOM Webinar provides an ideal introduction to the approach to market approval.
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We are launching a new series of webinars on the topic of “Market Approval of Products with Wireless Technologies”. The series starts with an introduction to the topic of market approval and the basic challenges that manufacturers of products with integrated radio technologies have to keep in mind.

The contents at a glance

During the webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • The integration of radio technologies and the consequences for certification
  • The most important certification regimes
  • The challenges of global certification
  • The importance of private certification regimes

Access to the recorded webinar

The webinar took place on March 24, 2020 and was offered in two different language versions.

To watch the recorded version, simply use one of the below links and get an insight into the basics of the market approval for radio products:

– Grundlagen der Marktzulassung für Produkte mit Funktechnologien –
– Basics of market approval for devices with radio technology –


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