Recorded version: Webinar on the approval of products with Bluetooth technology

In this webinar, we will go into more detail about the technology and the various regulatory requirements for market approval.
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Bluetooth technology is one of the most widespread wireless technologies in the world and is used in a wide variety of products of all kinds. The use of this technology results in different test scenarios that are necessary for certification and thus for the market launch of a device. Whether regulatory Bluetooth tests, which are essential for market approval, or test scenarios based on the specifications of the private certification regime Bluetooth SIG.

The contents at a glance

In our new webinar, which took place on February 23, we approached the technology and shared information
around the approval of products with Bluetooth technology. In doing so, we followed the following agenda:

  • An introduction to Bluetooth technology
  • Regulatory requirements for the approval of Bluetooth products
    • Core markets EU and USA
    • Additional markets Korea, Japan, Canada and China
  • The role of the Bluetooth SIG
  • Use Case: The use of a pre-certified Bluetooth module

Access to the Bluetooth webinar

We offered the webinar in two different language versions:

– Wednesday, February 23, 3pm CET: The approval of products with Bluetooth technology –
– Wednesday, February 23, 10am CET: Die Zulassung von Produkten mit Bluetooth Technologie –


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