September 7, 2022: Webinar on market approval in Japan

In this webinar, we provide basic information on market approval for products with wireless technologies in Japan.
Map of Japan

A market approval for radio products in Japan is granted on the basis of the Japanese Radio Law and the Japanese Telecommunication Business Law and is a necessity for placing products on the market in Japan.

The exact certification process and requirements for market approval in Japan depends on the device itself or the technologies and interfaces used in the device.

In our new webinar, we would like to take a fundamental approach to the topic of market approval for products with wireless technologies. The webinar is defined as an introduction to the topic and covers the following items:

At the end of the webinar we would like to hold a Q&A session again. You can already ask your questions via the registration form so that we can answer your question in more detail during the webinar.

Of course, we are always available for questions: / +49 2054 9519 0

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