Recorded version – Q&A on market approval

We answer your questions on the subject of market approval of radio products.
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The approval process of products with radio technologies can be complex for manufacturers. Depending on the number of target markets, different approval regimes with their own requirements have to be taken into account. In the course of the approval projects with our customers, naturally a multitude of questions usually arise, which we would like to address separately in a new webinar format.

In our webinar “The topic of market approval – your questions, our answers”, our employees responsible for approval will go into detail on frequently asked questions regarding CE marking, FCC certification and international market approval and answer them in the webinar.

Access to the market approval webinar

The free webinar took place on September 2, 2020 and again available in two language versions.
To watch the recorded version, please use one of the following links:

– The topic of market approval: your questions, our answers –
– Das Thema Marktzulassung: Ihre Fragen, unsere Antworten –


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