Recorded version – Webinar about the current regulatory state for 5G

What does the current situation regarding the regulatory requirement for 5G devices look like?
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The introduction of 5G is gaining momentum. Fields of application are becoming increasingly clear and the associated devices and products are already in the planning and development phase or about to enter the market.

The use of 5G – as well as all previous cellular technologies – requires regulatory approval in addition to approval for use in the respective mobile networks of the network operators. The regulatory approval is independent of the network operator and is necessary for the market launch of products with 5G technology.

In this webinar – which took place on October 28 –  we take a closer look at the current status of regulatory requirements for products with 5G technologies.

We start with an introduction to 5G and dive into the regulatory requirements for 5G in the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and the FCC. Finally, we give an outlook on how the regulatory requirements could develop further.

View the recorded 5G Webinar

The free recording is again available in two language versions.

– 5G: An introduction to current regulatory requirements –
– 5G: Eine Einführung in die aktuellen regulatorischen Vorgaben –


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