Recorded version – Webinar to provide information about efficient antenna design

With our new webinar we are going to provide an antenna design guide including an introduction of different antenna types, antenna parameter radiation pattern, polarization and ground effects. 
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An antenna is a key component for achieving the maximum range in a wireless communication system as the purpose of an antenna is to transform electrical signals into RF electromagnetic waves (transmit mode) and to transform RF electromagnetic waves into electrical signals (receive mode).

With this webinar we provide a guide to antenna design that includes an introduction to different antenna types, antenna parameters, radiation pattern, polarization and ground effects.

Access to the webinar on antenna design

The webinar originally took place on May 19, 2020 and as usual we have offered the presentation in two different language versions.
Just click on one of the two buttons to watch the recording.

– Antenna design guide –
– Leitfaden zum Antennendesign –


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