Recorded version – KC certification: Market approval for devices with radio technology in Korea

In this webinar we are proving detailed information about requirements and processes for a market approval in Korea.
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In order to market products in Korea, a KC certification is necessary. Therefore, the broadcasting and communication equipment conformity assement system has been implemented according to Article 58-2 of the Radio Waves Act It is divided into the certification of conformity, registration of compatibility, and interim of conformity. A party intending to manufacture, sell or import broadcasting and communication equipment must have one of those three certifications.

The contents at a glance

In our webinar that took place on on January 26, 2022, we share details about the requirements and processes to certify a product for the Korean market.

In addition to a general introduction, we go into the requirements for an approval of products with wireless technologies
and also talk about the often neglected requirements for electrical safety.

Access to the Korea webinar

The webinar is again offered in two language versions and provide you with a very good overview
of the requirements, obligations and labelings for a launch of your products in Korea:

– KC certification: Market approval for devices with radio technology in Korea –
– KC Zertifizierung: Marktzulassung für Produkte mit Funktechnologien in Korea –


A compilation of the most important details, including a FAQ, can also be found on our dedicated KC certification page.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time: 


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