Recorded version – Webinar on the regulatory requirements for products with radar technology

Explanation of various requirements for the market approval.
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Radar technology is being used more and more frequently in devices across a wide range of sectors and industries. In the automotive industry, for example, radar is used in conjunction with cameras, ultrasound and other sensors to obtain information about the environment of a vehicle.

The use of radar technology is subject to specific regulatory requirements that vary from region to region. In our new webinar “Regulatory requirements for products using radar technology” we will present the basics of the technology and explain various regulatory requirements that are necessary for market approval.

Access to the webinar on radar technology

The webinar on this topic – which originally took place on June 24, 2020 – is available as a recording in two language versions:

– Regulatory requirements for products using radar technology –
– Regulatorische Anforderungen für Produkte mit Radar-Technologie –


For further information we recommend our radar testing topic page. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

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