Recorded version – Webinar about the current state of Next Generation eCall

Get all information about the functionality and regulation of the next eCall generation.
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Since 2018, eCall has been mandatory for all new models of passenger cars (M1) and light commercial vehicles (N1), and in order for vehicles to continue to be sold and registered in the EU, car manufacturers must now approve their deployed eCall systems on the basis of EU requirements as defined in Regulation (EU) 2017/79. For some time now, work has been underway on a successor version to eCall, the so-called Next Generation eCall.

Topics in the eCall webinar

CETECOM has always been a pioneer in eCall and is also part of the ETSI “Specialist Task Forces” where it is working on the challenges of next generation eCall interoperability.

In our webinar – which took place on January 20, 2021 – we present the current status of Next Generation eCall and give an outlook on the functionality and technical specifications of the new generation:

  • Review: Functionality and regulation of pan-European eCall (EU eCall)
  • Introduction of Next Generation eCall (functionality and regulation)
  • Current state of Next Generation eCall
  • Presentation of further relevant topics around eCall

Access the recording

– The current state of Next Generation eCall –
– Der aktuelle Stand zu Next Generation eCall –


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