Recorded version – Webinar on Brexit and the new regulatory requirements for marketing approval in the United Kingdom

We address the current requirements, transition periods, UKCA label and approval processes.
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The Brexit transition period, which was agreed upon in February 2020, expires on December 31, 2020. The end of this period also has consequences for manufacturers of products with radio technologies, which creates uncertainty and open questions on the part of manufacturers.

In our new webinar we would therefore like to provide more clarity on this topic and answer the most important questions.

The contents at a glance

The following topics are covered in our presentation:

  • After December 31: What is the current situation regarding the market approval of products with radio technologies?
  • What do manufacturers have to consider that
    • already have products approved and circulating in the UK?
    • want to certify products for the UK after January 1, 2021?
  • What is the approval process for the United Kingdom (UKCA)?
    • What are the transition periods?
    • Which tests are required and where do they have to be carried out?
    • Which certification bodies are responsible or necessary?
    • What are the requirements for using the UKCA label?
  • The approval process for the United Kingdom with CETECOM

Access to the market approval webinar UK

The recorded version of this webinar – that took place on January 13, 2021 – is offered in two language versions:

– UKCA: Market approval for the UK. Requirements, deadlines, labels & strategies –
– UKCA: Marktzulassung für das Vereinigte Königreich.
Vorgaben, Fristen, Label & Strategien –


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