Recorded version – Webinar on approval requirements for 5G

Beside network operator requirements, this webinar covers the regulatory requirements for products with 5G technology.

The contents at a glance

The approval of products using 5G technology requires two different components:

  • Approval according to the specifications of the network operators
  • Regulatory approvals according to the specifications of the national regimes

After a short introduction to the topic of 5G and the requirements of the network operators, we will go into detail about the regulatory requirements for market approval in the EU (ETSI EN 301 908 – 25 and ETSI EN 301 489 – 52) and the USA (ANSI/TIA-603-E and ANSI C63.26:2015, respectively).

In addition, we will show the current status of approval processes in other important markets (including China, Canada and Japan).

Access to the 5G webinar

The free webinar took place on December 8, 2021 and will again be offered in two language versions:

– Requirements for the market approval of products with 5G technology –
– Vorgaben für die Marktzulassung von Produkten mit 5G Technologie –


For further information, please also refer to our dedicated page on the service area of 5G testing.
In addition, you will also find a corresponding 5G section on our Over-the-Air (OTA) testing page.

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