Recorded version – Webinar about EMC-compliant circuit board design

In the webinar we will give detailed advice on good PCB design with regard to EMC requirements.
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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of a technical device not to disturb other devices by electrical or electromagnetic effects or to be disturbed itself.

The contents at a glance

In this webinar, we covered the topic of EMC-compatible PCB design and provide an overview of the following subjects:

  • Ground system
  • Classification of supply pins
  • Supply system and decoupling
  • Handling of critical signals
  • Software and configuration measures
  • Handling of unused pins
  • Oscillator design hints
  • Practical example: Design of a Pi filter element and measurements

Access to the recorded EMC webinar

The free webinar took place on April 28, 2020 and was again be offered in two language versions. For both versions, the recorded version is now available:

– EMC-compliant circuit board design –
– EMV-gerechtes Leiterplattendesign –


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