Wireless Test System WTS-80

Wireless Test System WTS-80

Test your device on your own testbench

From our laboratories directly into your test environment: Our Wireless Test System WTS-80, which allows you to optimize the spurious emissions of your device and also to measure the performance of antennas. The compact system – exclusively available from CETECOM.

Patented technology. Practical use. Reliable results.

The Wireless Test System WTS-80 is suitable for a wide range of tests in the frequency range from 300 MHz to 13 GHz. Developed and manufactured in Germany, it features patented high-tech: six circularly polarized broadband antennas. They allow you to measure the six main directions of radiation without moving the instrument – for particularly easy test execution.

With a width of 75 cm, the shielded box is also particularly narrow. This allows you to conveniently set up the WTS-80 Wireless Test System in your desired test environment. In addition, a filtered 230-volt power connection ensures maximum compatibility.

On request, we can supply the system with an RF relay switching unit. This allows you to use, for example, a high-pass filter and a special preamplifier for GSM and LTE measurements. Optional software adaptations are also possible – for maximum scalability to the requirements of your tests.

Functions at a glance

  • Measurement of unwanted spurious emissions from wireless devices
  • Measurement of the antenna characteristics as Total Radiated Power (TRP) to derive the antenna efficiency
  • Sensitivity measurements of the Timing Reference Signal (TRS) also on all channels

Wireless Test System WTS-80 in detail

Box 75 cm cube, 2 mm steel
Size 78 cm x 93 cm x 73 cm
Weight approx. 90 kg
Absorber 20 cm (8‘‘) from Albatross
Frequency range 300 MHz – 13 GHz
Shielding 80 dB
Access 7 x RF N-feed through plus one tube 2.5 cm (1‘‘) diameter (for e.g. supporting a USB or Ethernet connection)
Filter Two lines, 0 to 250 VAC, 600 DC, 5 A (fuse)
DUT max. size 27 cm x 33 cm x 14 cm
  • 1 communication antenna, broadband: ca. 700 MHz – 6 GHz
  • 6 special patented circular polarized (RHCP) broadband antennas for approx. 300 MHz – 15 GHz

Available accessories

  • Low noise amplifier 3.3-13 GHz, 27 dB
  • Transport support on rollers (78 × 80 × 41 cm)
  • Switching unit for connecting one out of six antennas with e.g. a spectrum analyzer.
  • Special software for reading the spectrum analyzer results, and controlling the above mentioned switching unit as well as base station simulators.

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