Approval management as software solution CETECOM CERT


Approval management software CETECOM CERT

CETECOM CERT combines the useful functions of an approval management software with the advantages of a digital solution for clear project management – and is thus your guarantee for effective certificate management and monitoring. CETECOM CERT simplifies your processes and gives you a transparent view of all your planned, ongoing and completed projects at CETECOM at any time.

In addition, CERT holds a wealth of information that you can use in all phases of your product development:

  • Country view – Information based on the different countries and regions.
  • Frequency view – All data on the most common frequency bands, associated technologies and radio frequency restrictions and parameters.
  • Approval requirements – All relevant information on approval schemes.
  • Label requirements – Detailed information on many product labels and addressing many requirements relevant to their use.

CETECOM CERT - Our digital solution to have all project information on hand. Everywhere for everyone.

„Track my project“: transparent project overview

CETECOM CERT is the tool for you to display and monitor your test and approval projects at CETECOM. Communication, progress, next steps, open items and deadlines, including all relevant documents: You get all this information in the “Track my project” overview – and this for every project in every status.

CERT fulfills every requirement of a modern project management tool and gives you a variety of options to make your approval project as efficient as possible:

  • 2-way communication for efficient exchange of project information and documents
  • Display of project milestones at country level
  • Transparent information on steps still to be completed including automated notification system
  • Detailed reporting function including download option
Cert dashboard project overview
Cert project details screen

Approval management software: act simply and proactively

With CETECOM CERT we offer you a lean software tool for simple certificate management and monitoring within the scope of approval procedures. All approved products including certificates, expiration dates and information at a glance – at any time. Stay informed about the current status of your certifications and find out early on when you need to take action.

With a traffic light system and automated re-certification reports, we inform you if there is a need for action on your approvals. Quickly request a re-certification via CETECOM from within the system and always have your approvals under control – also thanks to clear document management.

Cert overview approval management
Cert overview approval management certificate

Knowledge database: comprehensive source of information

The tool provides you with a wealth of information on technologies, frequencies and approval regimes that you can use at an early stage in your product development:
World Icon

Country view

You want to deal more intensively with the requirements of your international target markets?

The country overview in CETECOM CERT provides you with a first overview of your target markets and their requirements for a market approval of your products:

  • International approval requirements and paths
  • Permitted usable frequencies
  • Requirements for the use of markings and labels
Cert country overview screenshot
Video of the Cert country overview

Product labels

Would you like to find out what requirements an authority imposes on the use of a product label?

The “Product labels” module provides you with detailed information on over 180 product labels and addresses many requirements that are relevant for their use:

  • Presentation forms of product labels
  • Areas of validity and possible uses
  • Design guidelines
Cert product labels
Video of the product labels area of our software
Schematic frequency wave

Frequency view

Are you sounding out your market potential and want to know which frequencies you can use in which target markets?

With the frequency overview in CETECOM CERT you get information on the most common frequency bands and the associated technologies and radio frequency restrictions and parameters.

CERT offers a documentation of more than 11,000 entries for mobile radio, WLAN, radar, wireless charging, etc. and country-specific regulations such as max. power, antenna gain or indoor / outdoor use.

The Cert frequency view feature
Video of the frequency view area of our approval management software
Easy access to data and information

Requirements of the approval regimes

Which approval regimes are relevant for which markets?

The “Approval regimes” module provides a wide range of information on the requirements and efficiencies of the various approval regimes (e.g. CE, FCC, ISED or Anatel).

  • Efficiency of the approval regime: In which countries is the approval regime (partially) accepted?
  • Lead time of each certificate type
  • Prediction of lead time for certification/approval process.
  • Contact options/process design (contact person on site/agent needed for certification)
  • Type and number of samples needed for certification
Screenshot: Lookup requirements for each approval regime
Video of our approval regime research feature
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Detailed info. Personalized interface. Easy handling.

CETECOM CERT combines all functions you need for a permanent certification of your products. An advantageous solution that will revolutionize your daily certification routine.

CETECOM License models

Project overview Included Included Included
Approval management Included Included Included
Re-certification report and reminder Included Included Included
Country overview Included Included
Label requirements Included Included
Frequency overview Included Included
Requirement schemes Included Included
eCall module Included
Individual setup and configuration Included
Extended role and tenant concept
with more than one company under one roof
Dedicated content management Included
Extended report and export options Included

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