Wi-Fi Testing and Certification

The Wi-Fi technology has come a long way in the last two decades. Far away from the original 11 Mbps data rate offered, current top-notch Wi-Fi devices are able to process as much as 1 Gbps of data rate when communicating with other current-generation devices but are also able to connect to legacy devices. This helps to make Wi-Fi one of the most common technologies in our time.
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With our accredited Wi-Fi laboratories in Germany, Korea and the USA, CETECOM performs diverse WLAN testing services, which include the WLAN test services for regulatory tests (baseline functionality):

  • EN 300328, EN 301 893, EN 302 502
  • FCC 47, CFR 15
  • RSS 210, RSS 247
  • IEEE 802.11 a, b, d, g, h, d, n, ac


As a longtime Wi-Fi Alliance® Authorized Test Lab, CETECOM is accredited to offer tests for specific Wi-Fi Alliance CERTIFIED™ Programs, which have been developed to ensure good quality and interoperability:

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac & Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n
  • WMM®
  • WPA2™
  • Passpoint™
  • Wi-Fi Direct® & Wi-Fi Direct® services
  • NFC – Wi-Fi Direct® and Wi-Fi Protected Setup™
  • Miracast®
  • Wi-Fi Aware™
  • Protected Management Frames
  • WMM® -Admission Control
  • Voice-Enterprise
  • Voice-Personal
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™
  • WMM® -Power Save
  • TDLS


As a longtime Wi-Fi Alliance® Authorized Test Lab, CETECOM offers diverse testing and certification services for Wi-Fi and is able to consult customers regarding their products using Wi-Fi technology.

Our unique testing service portfolio such as EMC, Radio Communication or Wireless Charging, combined with our certification and International Type Approval services, makes CETECOM an ideal partner for manufacturers to make sure, their devices are certified for diverse markets.

With laboratories in Asia, Europe and the US, CETECOM is able to work on projects globally and makes sure, customers are able to be involved in the testing and certification processes for their devices.


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us: https://www.cetecom.com/en/contact/


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