Whitepaper – Basics of product certification

Whitepaper introduces the basics of product certification for devices with radio technologies
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Before the market launch of products with integrated radio technologies, manufacturers need the required certification of the devices. Without this certification and the preceding tests, the manufacturer has no possibility to sell the products on his target markets. In addition, there are the possibilities and necessities of certification in accordance with the requirements of private certification regimes.

We want to create more transparency for this approval process.

In our newly published whitepaper “The basics of product certification for products with wireless technologies”, we therefore provide an insight into the requirements for manufacturers when using Bluetooth and WLAN in a device. We present the relevance of the antenna constellations for the approval process, we look at the two dominant approval regimes and their significance for international market approval, and we discuss possible approvals according to the private certification regimes.

The whitepaper is free of charge and you can request it directly here:


Would you like even more insights on the subject of product certification?

Further information on the subject of market approval can also be obtained through our certification webinars, which can be found  on our Knowledge Center or in our regular newsletter in the form of important certification updates. All our relevant services and competencies in this area can be found on our category page for product certification.

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