Webinar on the subject of private certification schemes

The importance of private approval regimes for products with radio technologies.


In 2019, we will continue our webinar series and offer you regular presentations around the topics of testing and certification of products with radio technologies.

In this year’s first webinar, we would like to cover the topic of private approval regimes and their significance. For products with radio technologies, there is a multitude of private approval regimes for different technologies and responsibilities for manufacturers within the approval process.

The agenda for the webinar “The importance of private approval regimes for products with radio technologies” is defined as follows:

  • The distinction between private certification regimes and regulatory approvals
  • Presentation of the most important private certification regimes (including approval processes)
    • Wi-Fi Alliance
    • Bluetooth SIG
    • Wireless Power Consortium
    • GCF
    • PTCRB
  • A case study
    • A presentation of the different requirements for a product with radio technologies

As usual, we offer the webinar in two language versions. Simply register for our free webinar under one of the two links:

We look forward to your participation.

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