Verification and test activities prescribed by UN ECE Regulation R10

SNCH renews recognition of CETECOM.

As part of our EMC testing services, we hold various accreditations for the performance of EMC tests on vehicles. In addition, we are designated as a technical service for EMC and hold the corresponding E1 recognition of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for EMC test services according to UN-R 10 amendment series 05 (appendices 4-6 and 11-16), as well as the E13 recognition for EMC test services by the authority in Luxembourg.

The SNCH has recently confirmed again by an extension of our recognition that our laboratory in Duesseldorf is allowed to carry out official verification and testing activities that are prescribed by the UN ECE Regulation R10, series of amendments 05.

This new recognition once again confirms our role as a testing and certification service provider for the automotive industry.

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