Ultra Wideband Webinar now available as a recorded version

Regulatory requirements and use cases.


Ultra wideband technology is defined as a short-range radio communication and its most important feature is the use of large frequency ranges with a bandwidth of usually at least 500 MHz.

Recently, we hosted a webinar to approach the topic of ultra wideband in terms of potential use cases and regulatory requirements:

  • Ultra Wideband – Definition and Use Cases
  • International regulatory requirements for ultra wideband technology
  • Test specifications for devices with Ultra Broadband Technology
  • Developments around the UWB technology at ETSI

This webinar is now available as a free recording:

English version: Ultra wideband –  Regulatory requirements and use cases

German version: Ultra Breitband – Regulatorische Vorgaben und Anwendungsfälle

If you have any questions or require further information about ultra wideband, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: https://www.cetecom.com/en/contact/