Transitional period for updated FCC authorization program valid until November

From November 2018, only the new approval process will apply.
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In order to obtain market approval for a device with wireless technologies in the US, an FCC certification is required for each manufacturer. The certification is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), usually with the inclusion of a so-called Technical Certification Body (TCB).

In November 2017, an updated FCC authorization program was introduced, which is currently in a transitional period until November 2018. As part of these changes, the two approval procedures Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Verification are combined in a new process named sDoC. The process of a full certification (Certification) remains unchanged.

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The special device type specifies – as before – the type of approval process. The prescribed rules are defined in the FCC Rules Part 15.101.

From November 2018, the FCC will no longer accept approvals based on the old program as the transitional period expires. It is important to mention that approved products do not have to be re-certified.

We are accredited and recognized by the FCC as an official laboratory, and we are thus able to perform all relevant regulatory tests necessary to start the approval process. In addition to the required tests, we can also offer you the handling of the certification process through our TCBs and thus a complete FCC approval from a single source.

For more information on the new FCC Authorization Program and FCC certification in general, we recommend our webinar FCC Certification – The Market Access for the US, which we held this February. The recording is available here.


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