Sigfox technology for connecting sensors and devices

The focus is on sending messages.

Sigfox is described as an inexpensive, reliable, low-power solution to connect sensors and devices while sending light messages (12 bytes, no payload header). The lifecycle of a Sigfox message is usually defined as the following:

  • A device wakes up and sends a message via its radio antenna.
  • Several Sigfox base stations in the region receive the message.
  • Base stations send the message to the Sigfox cloud.
  • The Sigfox cloud sends the message to a customer’s backend platform.

The Sigfox certification is the recognition of a device’s compliance with Sigfox certification specifications to ensure compatibility with Sigfox services and nominal network performance.

In order to comply with the two possible certification requirements (Ready and Verified), the device needs to meet two types of Sigfox tests requirements:

  • RF and protocol tests to verify compliance with the Sigfox protocol and RF performance.
  • Radiation tests to assess the radiated power of the device.

In addition, there are country-specific requirements for testing and market approval that the Sigfox devices must meet.

Further information about Sigfox certification and our services can be found here.

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