New Webinar: Basics of product certification for devices with radio technologies

In this introductory webinar, you will learn all the basics about market approval.


Manufacturers are confronted with identical questions for every product with integrated radio interfaces.

  1. Which radio technology(s) do we use?
  2. What exactly does the integration into our end device look like?
  3. For which target markets should the product be certified?
  4. Which approvals are necessary?

In our new CETECOM Webinar we answer these questions and give an introduction to the topic of product certification for devices with radio technologies. We will provide the basics for the topic of market approval and will cover the following topics:


As usual, we will again offer you two different dates and language versions for the webinar. Simply register for the event using one of the following two links:

We are looking forward to your registration.


Should you have any questions or be unable to attend the event and still be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: +49 2054 9519 0 /