In three steps to the basics of market approval

Everything about RED, FCC, and international type approval.
certification challenges

Before the market launch of products with integrated radio technologies, manufacturers need the required certification of their devices. Without this certification and the preceding tests, the manufacturers have no possibility to sell the products to their target markets.

In order to market a product globally, various certifications are necessary, as there is no globally valid certification scheme. It is therefore advisable to devote the first step of an international market approval to two leading certification schemes:

  • the CE marking for the market approval of products in the EU
  • the FCC certification for the approval of products in the USA

The background to this is that a large number of national requirements for market access are based on these two certification schemes.

To give you the most comprehensive picture possible, we offer you the opportunity to obtain the most relevant information on the subject of market approval in three steps. Three webinar recordings give you a comprehensive insight into the world of marketing approval:


Further information on the subject of CE marking can be found on our website. The same applies to the FCC certification for market approval in the USA.

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