Free webinar: “Fundamentals of IoT Security using the example of Consumer Electronics”

Get an inside look at IoT security and the benefits for manufacturers.


The topic of IoT security has become increasingly important in recent months, although it is still difficult for many manufacturers of connected devices to fully understand this topic.

In addition to our years of experience in the regulatory certification of products with wireless technologies, we can also offer you services within the framework of IoT Security and thus another important aspect in the context of the market launch of your products.

As part of our services, we verify the current state of IoT security of your connected devices. To give you an insight into this area, we offer you a free webinar on the topic “Fundamentals of IoT Security using the example of Consumer Electronics”.

In the presentation we set the following priorities:

  • Definition of IoT Security
  • Risk factors for the safety of devices
  • How to improve safety
  • The benefit for manufacturers

We offer you two different dates to participate. Just register under one of the two registration links to the free CETECOM webinar:

We look forward to your participation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
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More information about our IoT Security testing portfolio can be found here.