Change in the ANATEL renewal process

Change is related to devices from Cat. I and Cat. II.

A certification of radio products for the Brazilian market is based on an approval of the local authority Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações (Anatel).

The ANATEL certification is relevant to a variety of products and the process divides the products into three different categories.

  • I: Terminal Equipment
  • II: Restricted Radiation Equipment
  • III: Remaining Radio Equipment

ANATEL has recently announced a change to its renewal process for products from Category I and Category II and exempting already approved products from being tested for radiated emissions and RF irradiated immunity in the renewals process.

This means that only safety testing will be required for Category I and Category II devices installed in end user environment and radiated EMC compliance testing will not be required in the renewal anymore.

Further information about this change can be found here. More information about an ANATEL certification are available on our website.


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