CETECOM participates in the RelCOvAir project to help replacing wired connections with radio

CETECOM, the premiere wireless test and certification lab, participates in the “Reliable Industrial Communication Over the Air” project (RelCOvAir), which works on replacing wired connections with radios and providing reliable over the air connections for advanced manufacturing and processing systems for the near future of Industry 4.0.

The RelCOvAir project will help to answer the question, if it is possible to exchange wired communication in the industry in favor of wireless communication and still experience sufficient reliability.

CETECOM, with a strong footprint in the radio and telecommunications industry, will contribute to this project with more than 20 years of experience in Testing, Validation and Certification of radio equipment using test systems of renowned manufacturers. With this deep understanding of the needs of the test industry, CETECOM will help evaluating the technology-independent hard- and software test-bed that will be the outcome of the project. Considering and mitigating co-existence problems of different radio technologies sharing the same frequency spectrum.

At the end of the project, RelCOvAir aims to lead to a complete change in the industry. As standardization is one of the goals in this project, using RelCOvAir solutions, should bring more flexibility in the development of machinery by allowing data connections to reach formerly unreachable spots.

For further information about the RelCOvAir project, please visit the related article on the official RelCOvAir info-website (German).

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