CETECOM offers market approval for EETS devices

CETECOM is your partner for the market approval of EETS devices.
Autobahn & LKW

The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) allows the payment of tolls with a single contract using an EETS provider (the so-called EETS Provider) and only one On-Board Unit (OBU) throughout the European Union.

Goal: To simplify the payment of tolls within the EU.

Directive 2004/52/EC on the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the European Union and decision 2009/750/EC on the definition of the characteristics of the European Electronic Toll System and its technical components constitute the conditions for the introduction of EETS in the EETS areas of its member states.

CETECOM offers test services for EETS devices and also the approval of these devices through its own Notified Body EETS. CETECOM is your partner for the market approval of EETS devices. Testing and certification, everything from one source.

More information about EETS and CETECOM’s test and certification services can be found here in the form of a PDF.

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