CETECOM offers 5G testing

CETECOM is prepared to test 5G mmWave devices.

We are happy to announce that CETECOM is prepared to test 5G mmWave devices up to 40 GHz in fixed beam mode.

The setup is a classical Direct Far Field (DFF) arrangement with a measurement distance of 9 m while the fixed beam mode is enabled without a base station.

This setup provides a low expected measurement uncertainty due to the large measurement distance and this measurement distance also allows to test rather large devices (or extended antenna systems), with a value for D in the range of 30 cm.

For further information, feel free to get in touch with us directly. We also recommend the recorded version of our webinar about 5G mmWave test challenges:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: https://www.cetecom.com/en/contact/

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