CETECOM now also offers SAR testing in Germany

By expanding the accreditation for the CETECOM laboratory in Essen, Germany and an accompanied expansion of the measuring capacities, CETECOM now offers its customers Specific Absorption Rate measurements.

By measuring the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), it is ensured that exposure to electromagnetic fields is within the limits and mobile technology products are not harmful to health, in accordance with the requirements of the various international regulatory authorities. After an extension of our accreditation scopes of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), CETECOM also offers SAR testing in our laboratory in Essen, Germany.

The expansion of our services covers the following scopes:

EN 50360:2001 + Cor. :2006 + A1:2012

EN 50383:2010

EN 50385:2002

EN 62209-1:2016 / IEC 62209-1:2016

EN 62209-2:2010 / IEC 62209-2:2010 + Cor. :2010

EN 62311:2008 / IEC 62311:2007

ICNIRP Guidelines 1998

IEEE C 95.1-1992 / IEEE C 95.1-1999 / IEEE C 95.1-2005

IEEE C 95.3-2002

IEEE 1528-2013 (KDB Publication 447498 und KDB Publication 865664)

Canada: RSS-102 2015-03

Thus, the laboratory in Essen is the second CETECOM laboratory to offer SAR measurements. In Milpitas, USA, accredited SAR measurements are also carried out.