CETECOM launches its new product CERT

CETECOM CERT - Your solution for certification.

Manufacturers of products are faced with various issues before the market launch:

In which countries can I or would I like to market my product?
Which technologies do I plan to use in which markets and what are the associated specifications?
Which certifications are relevant in which markets?
What must be considered when using the relevant certification labels?
How long does the certification process take?

But even after the market launch of the product, the administrative effort for manufacturers does not end:

Which of my products are certified in which target markets?
How long is certification valid in my target markets?
When do I have to initiate a recertification?

The answer to these or similar questions requires a complex information management on the part of the manufacturer. Storing, updating and linking the technology and certification-relevant information results in a huge effort: To diversified and little documented are the regulations and processes for different countries.

Our new product – CETECOM CERT – provides you with the answers to all your relevant questions before, during and after the certification process.

CETECOM CERT is your tool to help you master all your certification and approval management challenges. CERT provides all the information required for the global approval planning process. It gives you with a comprehensive overview of all certification information of products with wireless technologies and facilitates the certification monitoring and management after the product approval.

Convince yourself: www.cetecomcert.com


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