Authorized Qi certification testing by CETECOM

WPC confirms our competence in a re-authorization audit.

In addition to the necessary regulatory testing and country approvals for products with wireless charging capability, certification according to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) requirements serves as a quality feature of such devices and confirms safety, interoperability and energy efficiency of those products. Only devices that use the WPC’s Qi standard and have been tested accordingly are considered “Qi certified” and may use the Qi logo.

We as CETECOM have now been re-confirmed in an audit by the WPC as an authorized test laboratory for Qi compliance tests, so that we can continue to offer our customers official Qi certifications.

As the only authorized laboratory in Europe, we can offer official certification testing according to various Qi profiles:

  • BPP Baseline Power Profile (commonly called Low Power) for transmitters and receivers with up to 5 watts of power
  • EPP Extended Power Profile (formerly referred to as Medium Power) for transmitter devices with a power of up to 15 watts
  • Certification tests for the combination of Baseline Power Profile (commonly called Low Power) and FOD (Foreign Object Detection)

In addition, we also offer all relevant regulatory tests for devices with wireless charging capability and are therefore the ideal partner, as all services are offered from a single source.

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