CETECOM is the approval partner for the automotive industry.

We are the reliable approval partner for the automotive industry and offer a wide range of testing and certification services for the automotive sector. We hold the E1 accreditation for EMC and eCall via the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and the E13 accreditation via the Luxembourg SNCH. Regulatory test and certification services, eCall and ERA-GLONASS certification as well as reliable certificate management complete our profile for the automotive sector.


Regulatory test and certification services for Radio and EMC

With 25 years of experience in testing and certifying products from the wireless telecommunications industry, we offer you all services for the approval of your products from a single source. In our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, we carry out regulatory and development related tests for wireless technologies, which serve as the basis for the final product certification. We support you in the final market approval of your products – regardless of whether you require regulatory approval or the approval of a private certification regime.



Automotive Test Services

automobile in test chamber

  • Technical Service for EMC UN-R 10 Series of amendments 05 (Annexes 7-10 and 17-22)
  • EN 301 489-1 | EN 301 489-3 | EN 301 489-7 | EN 301 489-17 | EN 301 489-19 | EN 301 489-24 | EN 301 489-50 | EN 301 489-51 | EN 301 489-52


  • EN 301 511 / 301 908-1 (Cellular), EN 303 413 (GPS), EN 300 328 / EN 301 893 (Bluetooth/WLAN), EN 303 340 / 303 345 (Broadcast Receiver), EN 302 858 (24 GHz Radar), EN 301 091-1 (76 GHz Radar), EN 302 264 (77-81 GHz Radar)

Electrical Safety:

  • EN 60950-1 | EN 62368-1ota testing of a car in a test chamber


  • EN 62209 | EN 62311 | IEEE 1528

Wireless Charging:

  • EN 303 417 (regulatory Radio tests) WPC Qi v1.2



Automotive Certification Services

certification map

After the successful completion of the regulatory testing, the process of market approval is to follow. On the basis of many years of successful approval handling and long-standing contacts with official approval bodies around the world, we can certify your product for virtually any market you plan to enter: efficiently and cost-effectively.

For approvals for the EU (CE Marking), the USA (FCC Certification), Canada (ISED Certification) and Japan (MIC Certification), CETECOM’s own certification bodies (Notified Bodies, Technical Certification Bodies, Foreign Certification Bodies and Registered Certification Bodies) ensure an efficient approval process from a single source. When your target market is not covered by mutual recognized standards or agreements, our specialized certification team can handle the certification process with the responsible authorities on location.


Testing according to manufacturer specifications

We offer testing services based on the specifications of various automotive manufacturers.


eCall Certification

ecallWe were designated as technical service for eCall in August 2017 by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and were the first laboratory in Europe to offer and carry out eCall testing and certification. Likewise, we were the first laboratory designated by the KBA as a technical service for the regulation UN–R 144.

In addition, we have been working to standardize eCall test specifications for a number of years, and have a wealth of practical experience gained through a variety of eCall approval projects.

With our extraordinary expertise in the eCall approval process and years of technical know-how to carry out the necessary tests for approval, we are your number 1 contact when it comes to eCall certification.

More information about the eCall Certification at CETECOM.


ERA-GLONASS Certification

With our partner laboratories in Russia, we provide our customers with demonstrably fast and efficient ERA-GLONASS certification. The partnerships enable us to perform officially recognized audio tests according to GOST 33468 (GOST R 55531) standards in our laboratory in Duesseldorf. In addition, we offer pre-tests according to the following standards in our laboratory in Germany:

ERA GLONASS emergency response system


  • GOST 33467 (GOST R 55530) Functional
  • GOST 33470 (GOST R 55533) GSM/UMTS
  • GOST 33471 (GOST R 55534) GNSS


The official testing for the three standards mentioned would then have to be carried out in Russia, whereby a presence on site is possible at any time.

One of our partner laboratories is located in Moscow, so that we can also facilitate simplified logistics to the laboratory. Therefore, a simplified direct journey to the partner laboratory as well as already established processes between the CETECOM project managers and the contact persons in Russia enable a convenient route to ERA-GLONASS approval.

More information about the ERA-GLONASS Certification at CETECOM.



Performance, Coexistence and Interoperability checks

In addition, we offer our customers support in all phases of the product cycle: development-accompanying coexistence and interoperability checks are just as much part of our range of services as performance measurements for antennas and Over-the-Air-Testing Services.


CETECOM CERT – Certification management and monitoring

CERT LogoAfter a successful approval we offer our customers – OEM or supplier – through our database CETECOM CERT a comprehensive possibility to manage and monitor their certificates.

With CERT you have an overview of all your approved products including your certificates, expiration dates and information and the information can be viewed by you, your customers and partners at any time.

More information about the CETECOM CERT database.