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International Market Approval

CETECOM: Your partner for the successful country approval

Automotive components, industrial technology, medical devices, consumer electronics – all use wireless Technologies to process information. Whoever sells their products globally and radio components must observe various country-specific requirements for certification and homologation. With CETECOM you know what is important and right.

For over 200 countries and approval regimes worldwide

Let CETECOM simplify and execute the compliance process to ensure the timely introduction of your products in the target markets. According to your specific requirements we take on a mediating function between manufacturers and local authorities in over 200 target countries and help you reduce approval time and save costs.

The most important countries

Approval by countries

For the international market approval of products with radio technologies, different, sometimes very different specifications apply depending on the target country. There is no single certification program that allows manufacturers to approve a product worldwide.

Our services for your international market approval

CETECOM brings light into the international certification jungle and supports you in developing a target-oriented strategy for market approval. As a recognized contact for the authorities, we take over the project management for access to the market in more than 200 countries and also ensure direct market approval in Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA with our own internal certification bodies.


CETECOM’s service package comprises of:

  • Country and market specific research into regulatory requirements
  • Compliance evaluations
  • Language translation
  • Approval planning and management
  • Preparation and submission of testing and approval applications
  • Testing coordination and scheduling
  • Local technical support and guidance when testing must be coordinated in the markets you plan to enter

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