TOM (Testing, Organization and Management Database)

For more than a decade CETECOM has been successfully supporting the mobile communications industry with its internet database TOM (Testing, Organization and Management Database).

Among other services, TOM allows you to monitor your current projects with all relevant data from anywhere on the globe.

You can also benefit from this leading globally-established software tool – which is approved by GCF and PTCRB – through optimized test procedures for your products, more efficient project management and faster product launches. TOM is suitable for manufacturers of mobile devices, testing companies and vendors of test systems.


What is TOM?

TOM supports your Lab and Project Engineers with crucial features:

  • Project management
  • Test lab management
  • Test requirement calculator and optimizer
  • Knowledge base
  • Benefits from our GCF-DCC database development


What are TOM’s key highlights?

  • Create and optimize test plans
  • Up-to-date test plan calculation on any changes
  • Manage and track tests performed externally
  • Verify 3rd party lab test plans
  • Centrally upload and search test results
  • View test capabilities over all labs and test systems
  • Automated reports on project and management level
  • World-wide accessible web-based tool

TOM is the project management system for wireless communications.

If you have any further questions regarding TOM, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.





Testing, Organization And Management Database Features





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