Consulting during development

Antenna Services

Antenna in mobile device

Wireless communication, whether in mobile telecommunication systems, medical devices, automotive applications or smart metering can only succeed when antennas function effectively. However, separately purchased antennas are not always right for the job. Range problems may occur, or antennas may not integrate properly into devices.

Not to mention spurious emissions, display flicker, humming noise issues or even functional failures. CETECOM offers a wide variety of support services in this sector – from training programs, selection of antennas, up to developing tailor-made antennas and comprehensive testing.


Approval Capability

certification challengesWe offer our customers support as to whether the desired frequency ranges with the associated output powers for special radio applications may even be operated in the target countries. Our service extends to support in defining hardware and software features. In addition, we also help with the application for special approvals or with the clarification of special approval procedures prior to the actual device approval. For standard applications, we often provide support in defining mechanical design concepts in order to achieve maximum performance at a later date.



We support our customers in improving their hardware. Examples are an improvement of the antenna performance or the fight against a too high harmonic radiation with special measuring techniques. In addition to the classic certified EMC and radio measuring halls, we also use a special, rentable radio laboratory with a small shielded cabin and special software for very fast equipment measurement. The entire setup is designed for troubleshooting and device optimization. For this purpose, we also offer training courses which show ways to improve the hardware.


Performance & Coexistence


The interference-free interaction of several radio systems operating simultaneously as well as a good and robust receiver sensitivity are increasingly important for the commercial success of a radio application. The evaluation and measurement of such systems often requires measurement set-ups that are not standardized or readily available. We help our customers with these challenges and have a wealth of experience in building customized test setups. Whenever it gets complicated, it is worth talking to us.