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Efficient market approval
for the European market

CE marking is essential for a market launch in Europe. By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer confirms that the product complies with all relevant European directives.

To obtain CE marking, products with radio technologies must meet the requirements defined by the European Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED). This directive defines the legal framework for all products with radio technologies. The main requirements defined are health and safety, electromagnetic compatibility and the efficient use of radio frequencies. Manufacturers and suppliers of these products on the EU market must prove compliance with the RED by providing a type examination based on a technical documentation (TD) or a declaration of conformity (DoC) and the CE marking.

The role of a Notified Body

When there is a deviation from harmonized standards or where these do not exist, a notified body can provide specific tests and help to define the corresponding test plans. In the case of non-harmonized (country-specific) frequency bands, it can provide support so that manufacturers can place their products on the market.

A Notified Body can deal with necessary approvals for the states of the European Economic Area (EEA) according to the RED and finally assess the type examination of a manufacturer and issue a type examination certificate.

Map of Europe where marketing approvals have to be performed by a recognized FCB.

Our services

As a Notified Body for EMC and RED for various EU directives, we can support you in the CE marking process and help you to gain access to the European market. Although a self-declaration procedure is allowed, some products require independent testing or certification by the Notified Body. If you are not familiar with the procedure or if there are deviations from harmonized standards or if these do not exist, it is recommended to involve a Notified Body.

Expertise on the Notified Body

Why does the Notified Body also want to see the safety report according to EN 60950-22?

Devices designed for outdoor use shall meet the requirements of EN 60950-22, as the standards EN 62368-1 and EN 60950-1, for example, do not adequately cover these requirements.

Does the Notified Body accept non-accredited test reports that have been traceably performed with calibrated equipment?

The Notified Body only accepts test reports from accredited laboratories or laboratories that have been audited by CETECOM GmbH according to the requirements of ISO/IEC EN 17025 with regard to the measuring equipment used and the competence of the employees.

Can a test procedure be agreed with the NB, which is carried out in-house at the customer's premises?

In principle yes -the prerequisite for this is an appropriate accreditation or an audit by CETECOM GmbH or an on-site measurement by CETECOM personnel.

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