ISED Certification

ISED: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Contrary to popular belief, an FCC certification for the US market is not synonymous with an regulatory approval in Canada. For the Canadian market an approval of the authority ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) is necessary.

Without such certification, market access for Canada is not granted for manufacturers of wireless technology products. After the official certification of the device by the ISED, the approval is permanently valid. A re-certification with an unchanged device is therefore not necessary. In case of minor changes of the device, a re-certification may be possible, so that the test effort is reduced in this case.

The test scope for the ISED approval is based entirely on national specifications, which, however, do not necessarily have to be carried out by local laboratories. During the certification process, a local contact person is required for the approval process and manufacturers should schedule an approval period of one to two weeks. The certification is carried out by a so-called Foreign Certification Body (FCB), which evaluates the test reports and grants an approval.


The role of a Foreign Certification Body

An FCB has the authority to submit an application for approval of a product on behalf of the responsible authority in Canada (Innovation, Science and Economic Development, ISED for short). Accordingly, an FCB, analogous to the TCB in the USA, is a certification body that permits certified equipment according to the accreditation area and issues technical acceptance certificates.


The ISED certification label

The ISED certification label is a word mark consisting of the Company Number (CN) and the Unique Product Number (UPN). This consists of the Company Number (CN) and the Unique Product Number (UPN). While the UPN is chosen by the manufacturer, the CN is given by the Canadian authority. The ISED label must also be visibly attached to the product and possibly also on the packaging. Alternatively, the label can also be displayed electronically. For this, however, special requirements have to be met, which are explained in the RSP 100 – “Certification of Radio Apparatus”.

It is also mandatory to define a product name or so-called “Hardware Version Identification Number (HVIN)”. The launch of each approved product is only possible in connection with a marketing name or the so-called “Product Marketing Name (PMN)”.


Our services

CanadaWe offer our customers all the services required for the Canadian market. As an ISO 17025 and ISED accredited laboratory, we conduct measurements for ISED certification in our laboratories.

Our Foreign Certification Body handles the certification process and the final coordination with the authority and the local representative. Throughout the entire test and certification process, we take over the project handling for you, thus ensuring an efficient approval process and rapid approval of the Canadian market.


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