ISED Certification

A FCC Certification does not automatically mean a direct approval for the Canadian market.

ISED Canada is a federal institution which works in all areas of the economy and throughout Canada to improve the conditions for investment, enhances Canada‘s innovation performance, increased Canada‘s share of global trade and builds a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.

Testing and certification according to regulatory requirements set by the appropriate government agency, ISED, is a necessary condition for market launch of telecommunication equipment in Canada. To make the certification process more efficient for manufacturers in and outside Canada, the ISED has appointed Foreign Certifications Bodies (FCB).

The Role of a FCB

A FCB has the authority to review and grant an application for and Canada Certification on behalf of ISED. A Certification Body that has been accredited to ISO/IEC 17065 by a recognized Accrediting Organization in Canada or by a body in an MRA partner country to approve equipment subject to Certification according to its scope of accreditation and is able to issues a Technical Acceptance Certificates.

CETECOM is an authorized FCB offering – among others – testing and approval services according to all major ISED standards.