ERA-GLONASS Certification

ERA GLONASS - Emergency Response SystemWHAT IS ERA-GLONASS?

ERA-GLONASS (Accident Emergency Response System) was commissioned in January 2015 and was created to save lives and mitigate injuries of road traffic accident victims or casualties in other emergencies.

The ERA-GLONASS certification for the Eurasian Customs Union, with countries such as Russia, Armenia or Belarus, bears a lot of challenges for OEMs and manufacturers.

Everyone will face the issue of an increased time to market due to different challenges on the way to the certification. CETECOM provides recognized ERA-GLONASS Pre-Testing and takes over the management for the official certification process in Russia.

With established partnerships in Russia, and the experience of successful ERA-GLONASS projects with European car manufacturers, we make sure, your product receives the ERA-GLONASS certification as quickly as possible.


Pre-Testing: CETECOM offers pre-testing services for multiple test standards:

  • GOST 33467 – Functional
  • GOST 33468 – Audio quality
  • GOST 33470 – GSM modem, UMTS modem, In-band modem, eUICC
  • GOST 33471 – Navigation module (GNSS)

Pre-Certification: Pre-Certification ensures the overall functionality and is recognized in Russia:

  • ERA-GLONASS pre-testing and pre-certification services in Europe (Germany)
  • Pre-certification reduces the time/efforts/risk for the official certification
  • Product will be qualified to meet all relevant requirements
  • Quality stamp for your customers

Consulting: CETECOM offers consultancy beside the pre-testing and pre-certification services:

  • Support with ERA-GLONASS certification process in Russia
  • R&D support for ERA-GLONASS IVS manufacturers and OEMs
  • Antenna design

CETECOM is your partner for an efficient ERA-GLONASS certification, who takes care of all the project management it takes to decrease your time to market.