CTIA Certification

CTIA - Everything WirelessThe CTIA – The Wireless Association® – represents the interests of wireless telecommunication companies by defining – among other things – test plans for the implementation of certification programs for wireless devices. In addition, they also are tasked with the role of authorizing third party laboratories to handle certification testing on their behalf. These third party laboratories are called CTIA Authorized Test Laboratories (CATL).


CETECOM has CATL’s located in Europe and North America, offering test services for the following CTIA programs:

  • PTCRB Certification: The CTIA acts as the administrator of the PTCRB certification process. Certain tests required for certification must be done by a CATL such as CETECOM.
  • Over-the-Air Performance: CETECOM is equipped to perform TRP & TIS measurements according to the Test Plan for Mobile Stations Over-the-Air Performance.
  • CTIA Bluetooth® Compatibility Certification: A requirement for manufacturers intending to sell their Bluetooth® handset/headset to North American.