CE Marking


For a market launch in Europe, the CE marking is essential.

By affixing the CE Mark, the manufacturer confirms that this product complies with all relevant European directives.

As part of our services, we offer you full approval for the European market. The necessary tests are carried out in our own laboratories and our experienced certification team including the notified body paves the way for the European market with a CE marking.


Conformity Evaluation
for radio and telecommunication products in the European Union

In order to obtain a CE marking, products with radio technologies must meet the requirements defined by the European Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53 / EU (RED). This policy sets the legal framework for all wireless technology products. Essential defined requirements are health and safety, electromagnetic compatibility and the efficient use of radio frequencies. Manufacturers and suppliers of these products in the EU market must demonstrate compliance with the RED by providing a type examination based on a technical documentation (TD) or Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and CE marking.


The role of a Notified Body for a CE marking

As part of an EU certification under the RED, we recommend working with a Notified Body. As an independent organization designated by the European Commission, a notified body carries out the necessary conformity assessments and assists manufacturers in particular when no harmonized standards are applicable. A notified body carries out the conformity procedure on behalf of the applicant and can review the assessment and the corresponding type examination (TCF).

CE Marking process


If one deviates from or does not exist on harmonized standards, a notified body may create specific tests and help to define the corresponding test plans. In the case of non-harmonized (country-specific) frequency bands, it can help manufacturers to bring their products to market.

A notified body may, according to the RED, deal with the necessary authorizations for the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and finally assess the type examination of a manufacturer and issue a type examination certificate.


As a notified body for various EU directives, we can assist you in the CE marking process and help you gain access to the European market. Although a self-declaration procedure is allowed, some products require independent verification or certification by the notified body. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure or if there are deviations from harmonized standards or if they do not exist, it is recommended to include a notified body.

For more detailed information on the Radio Equipment Directive, the possiblities and obligations of manufacturers as part of a CE certification, and the tasks of a Notified Body, please see our whitepaper “Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53 / EU) – The New Radio Equipment Directive in Detail”.


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