CCC Certification

Basis for market approval China

After the China Compulsary Certificate has been issued, the manufacturer must acquire the certification label from the Chinese authority. After the CCC certificate is issued, the manufacturer applies for the use of the logo. This must be done before the product can be marketed, imported, imported and used for commercial purposes.

The CCC was introduced in 2002 and applies both to products of foreign manufacturers that are to be imported into China and to Chinese products. Therefore, in this case one can speak of a generally applicable certification standard.

Basic information for a CCC certification

Validity 5 years
Lead time 8 to 10 weeks
Local tests required Yes
Local representative required No
Approval label required Yes

Relevant product categories for a CCC certification

Products subject to certification may only be sold and used on the Chinese market once CCC certification has been obtained. For a better classification of the products subject to certification, they are assigned to the following categories:

  • Electrical wires and cables
  • Electrical switches and installations for protection or connections
  • Low voltage plants
  • Low power motors
  • Electric tools
  • welding machines
  • Domestic appliances and similar equipment
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Information technology equipment (computers and computer accessories etc.)
  • Lights
  • Motor vehicles and safety accessories
  • Tires for motor vehicles
  • Safety glass
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Telecommunications equipment and accessories
  • Fire protection products
  • Medical equipment
  • Security products (detectors for burglary alarm etc.)
  • Construction and renovation products
  • Toys

CCC certification is required for all products that can be assigned to these categories.

Our services

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As CETECOM, we offer our customers within the scope of our certification services the coordination of all tests that have to be carried out on site and subsequently take over the coordination with the Chinese authorities and the local representative. Our experienced certification team carries out the complete project handling for you and thus ensures an efficient approval process and a fast approval on the Chinese market.

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