Bluetooth SIG Certification

BluetoothIn addition to the regulatory approvals for Bluetooth products, approval is also required according to the requirements of the Bluetooth SIG for a market introduction:

  • Any device that wants to use the Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth logo must be tested according to the “Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program”
  • Only when these tests have been successfully completed, the manufacturer is officially authorized to use the Bluetooth technology and the associated Bluetooth Trademark mark, which is a quality seal for the compatibility of Bluetooth devices worldwide

CETECOM with its laboratory in Anyang, Korea is officially accredited Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTF) with recognized Bluetooth Qualification Consultants (BQC), offering a comprehensive range of testing services.


BLUETOOTH® SIG Qualification Program

A device incorporating Bluetooth® wireless technology must undergo testing according to the Bluetooth® SIG Qualification Program in order to classify as a licensed product with the Bluetooth trademark. Although a self qualification process is allowed, the support of a BQC eliminates errors in qualification and assists members with submission of their products for qualification.

As BQTF, CETECOM’s full scope of Bluetooth® Qualification services include:

  • RF/RF-PHY Conformance Testing for BT Core 2.0-4.2
  • Profile Interoperability Testing using the Bluetooth® SIG’s PTS (Profile Tuning Suite) Test System
  • Product vs. product interoperability testing