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Anatel Certification

Basis for market approval in Brazil

Three product groups define the need for Anatel certification

Anatel certification is relevant for a wide range of products and has so far been divided into three different product categories:

Cat. I: Terminal Equipment

This category includes products such as mobile phones, chargers for mobile phones or modems. The approval for products in this category is valid for one year and the certification process usually takes ten to twelve weeks. Once the approval has expired, modular recertification is possible with unchanged devices, thus reducing the effort for manufacturers.

Cat. II: Restricted Radiation Equipment

For this category, which includes products with WLAN, Bluetooth or radar technology, manufacturers must also allow a period of ten to twelve weeks for the certification process. The approval is valid for a total of two years and also offers a modular certification process that reduces the effort of recertification for unchanged devices.

Cat. III: Remaining Radio Equipment

Products in this category (mobile radio signaling devices, cable connectors, fiber optic cables) are permanently approved for the Brazilian market. This means that recertification is not necessary for unchanged devices. As with the other product categories, a period of ten to twelve weeks must be expected for approval.

For all three categories, the tests required for approval must be carried out in a local laboratory on site. Furthermore, a local representative must be involved in the certification process. The final Anatel certification is finally carried out by a so-called Designated Certification Body (OCD).

With Resolution 715 adopted in October 2019, Anatel will move away from this classification. The product category list (I, II, III) will no longer exist and Anatel will publish new technical requirements per product type or product family in the near future. The technical requirements will specify the conformity assessment models applicable to the type or family of telecommunications products, the applicable tests, the definition of the extension, etc.

Anatel has scheduled a transitional period until 21 April 2020 for these changes to enter into force. As things stand at present, the approval process is possible up to that date in accordance with the previous requirements.


Further information on Resolution 715

Label of the Anatel Certification

The Anatel certification label

Successful Anatel certification requires that manufacturers display the associated certification label on the product together with the approval number and the text of Resolution 506. The label must have a minimum size of 4 mm according to the Anatel specifications. If there is not enough space on the product, manufacturers have the possibility to apply for an exemption at the authority, so that the approval information is only shown in the manual. However, the approval of the authority is required for this.

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