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When using Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, customers expect a high quality and consistent experience on all Alexa built-in devices. To support this experience, Amazon has implemented a mandatory testing process for device manufacturers who wish to bring products with the Alexa Built-in Badge to market. CETECOM also conducts this test – and thus takes over your tasks around the certification of products using Alexa.

Our laboratories in Milpitas (Silicon Valley) and Essen (Germany) have been authorized by Amazon to conduct product testing to qualify products for the Amazon certification.


The Alexa Built-in Badge

alexa build-in badge

Alexa Built-in is an advanced marketing program that incentivizes developers and device manufacturers to offer high quality products built into Alexa to ensure that their customers have intuitive, hassle-free Alexa experiences.

The 5-step test process for the Alexa Built-in Badge

In order to obtain the Alexa Built-in page and therefore an Amazon certification, Amazon has defined security and testing requirements which need to be fulfilled. Certification for Alexa Built-in products consists of four tests:

  • Functional
  • UX evaluation
  • Music
  • Acoustic

Amazon has implemented a 5-step test process for the Alexa Built-in badge which covers all the requirements Amazon has defined:

Step 1: Review complete security requirements

To the official safety requirements*

* Login required

Step 2: Fill in the self-test checklists

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) self-test checklists give the certification process structure and the person performing the certification a permanent overview of the measures that have been carried out and those that are still outstanding.

Step 3: Send your product to the Amazon AVS test labs for testing

Once the self-test checklists are completed, they must be submitted to Amazon via the Developer Portal where the product was originally created. After Amazon reviews the results of the self-tests, the manufacturer receives authorization to ship the products, along with shipping instructions, directly from the testing team.

Step 4: Certification testing

Amazon Alexa products are officially tested in our Amazon-approved laboratories in Milpitas (Silicon Valley) and Essen (Germany) and then submitted for certification.

The test process for obtaining the Alexa Built-in Badge

If the product meets all test requirements, it can be released to the market.

Step 5: Post-Certification Updates (OTA)

All firmware updates must be tested by the manufacturer before they are used in products (OTA updates). When major updates are made, devices that were previously certified by Amazon may need to be resubmitted for certification, incremental certification, or self-testing.



Sonos One Smart Speaker with built-in Alexa voice control

CETECOM services around the Alexa Built-in Badge

We are proud to announce that our laboratories in Milpitas (Silicon Valley) and Essen (Germany) have been approved as an Authorized Test Lab for Amazon Alexa. Developers are now able to work directly with us and utilize our laboratory to test and submit their Amazon Alexa product for certification.

During the test, we will use test automation and a series of checklists provided by Amazon to ensure that your product meets acoustics, functional, and user experience (UX) requirements. We will also generate certification test results in the form of Alexa Qualification Tool (AQT) reports and manual checklists, for submission to Amazon.

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