ACMA Certification

acma - Australian Communications and Media AuthorityThe Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is an Australian telecommunications authority and was established in July 2015 by a merger of the Australian Broadcasting Authority and the Australian Communications Authority. The main task of ACMA is to regulate telecommunications matters in the country by means of laws, regulations, standards and legal norms.

Part of this task also relates to the approval of products with radio technologies for the Australian market. Such ACMA certification is therefore the decisive prerequisite for manufacturers to be able to market their products in Australia.

An ACMA certification is a national certification regime in which the authority specifies the nationally valid regulations and rules that are necessary for approval and differ from other certification regimes in other countries. These include the need for local testing for certain equipment on site in Australia or the involvement of a local representative to carry out and complete the certification process.


CE marking and FCC certification as a basis

Although the ACMA certification is considered a national certification regime, it is possible to reuse existing test reports and certificates. The requirements for CE marking based on the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and FCC certification are a stable basis for an ACMA certification. The test reports and certificates for EU and US approval are recognized by the ACMA and thus reduce the effort for manufacturers in obtaining marketing approval for Australia.


The ACMA Certification Label

ACMA Certification Label

An ACMA certification is permanently valid and manufacturers are not confronted with a recertification of their products. The comes with the requirement to label the device accordingly. A minimum label height of 3 mm is required. If this is not possible, it may be possible to print the label on the packaging or in the manual.


The reuse of an ACMA certification

ACMA certification also means approval for Norfolk Island, Christmas Island and the Cook Islands, but not for New Zealand.


Our services

We as CETECOM offer our customers all the services required for the approval for the Australian market. As an ISO 17025 and FCC accredited laboratory, we can perform CE and FCC regulatory testing for the ACMA certification in our laboratories.


In addition, our certification team will coordinate the on-site testing and then coordinate the certification process with the local representative and authority. Throughout the entire testing and certification process, we take care of the project handling for you, thus ensuring an efficient approval process and rapid approval for the Australian market.


Do you have any further questions about an ACMA certification? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly: https://www.cetecom.com/en/contact/