The number of wireless devices we use on a daily basis is growing exponentially. Automotive components, wearables, medical devices, consumer electronics – all might use wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to process information. Manufacturers implemented wireless technologies into their products are now facing an increased need for certification/homologation before they are able to launch their products. In this process, the biggest challenge for manufacturers still exists: Who can help me with a global certification strategy?

There is no single certification program which gives manufacturers the possibility to certify a product globally.

CETECOM certifies to international and local standards for a wide range of industries and technologies – whether you are looking for a regulatory approval or the approval of a private certification regime. We can perform the necessary tests and manage the entire certification process from start to finish, helping you get your product into its target markets quickly.


CE Marking

The CE marking is mandatory to bring a product to the EU market. By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer asserts that the product complies with the relevant European product compliance rules.

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ACMA - Australian Communications and Media Authority

ACMA Certification

Certification by the Australian authority ACMA is necessary for approval for the Australian market for manufacturers of products with wireless technologies.

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Anatel Certification

An Anatel certification is the basis for a market approval in Brazil.

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Bluetooth SIG Certification

In addition to the regulatory approvals for Bluetooth products, certification is also required according to the requirements of the Bluetooth SIG for market introduction

CETECOM offers the regulatory test and certification services for Bluetooth, as well as the Bluetooth SIG certification.

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Country Approval

If your target market is not covered by mutually recognized standards or agreements, our International Type Approval (ITA) team can carry out the certification process with local authorities.

CETECOM supports you with country approvals worldwide.

CTIA™ - Everything Wireless

CTIA Certification

The CTIA – The Wireless Association® – represents the interests of telecommunication companies by defining, among other things, test plans for the implementation of certification programs for wireless devices.

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eCall Certification

As designated technical service, we offer our customers officially recognized eCall certification under Regulation (EU) 2017/79 and Regulation UN – R 144.

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ERA-GLONASS - Emergency Response System

ERA-GLONASS Certification

The ERA-GLONASS certification is necessary for the registration of vehicles in the Eurasian Customs Union with countries such as Russia, Armenia or Belarus. We offer approved ERA-GLONASS pre-testing and take over project management for the official certification process in Russia.

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FCC Certification

An FCC approval is required for manufacturers to market devices in the US. We offer our customers alle the necessary testing and certification services for an FCC certification.

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GFC - Global Certification Forum

GCF Certification

A GCF certification is necessary for manufacturers who want to use their products in the European mobile network.

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ISED: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

ISED Certification

Contrary to popular belief, an FCC certification for the US market is not conterminously a market approval for Canada. For the Canadian market, an ISED approval is required.

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LoRaWan Certification

The LoRaWAN Certified program offers manufacturers end customers the assurance that their application-specific end devices will work in every LoRaWAN network.

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Map of China

Market approval for China

For technical products there are three different certification regimes, which applicability and necessity depends on the product and the technologies used. These are a CCC certification, an NAL certification and an SRRC certification.

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Market approval in Japan (MIC Certification)

The requirements of the MIC are fundamental for the market approval of radio products in Japan. Products must meet the requirements of the Japanese Radio Law and, depending on the technologies used, also those of the Telecommunication Business Law.

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PTCRB Certification

A PTCRB certification is a prerequisite for selling devices based on wireless technologies on the North American market.

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Qi Certification

We provide official Qi testing in accordance with the specifications of the Wireless Power Consortium and accompany our customers on their way to official Qi certification.

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Sigfox Certification

A Sigfox certification is the recognition of a device’s compliance with Sigfox certification specifications to ensure compatibility with Sigfox services and nominal network performance.

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Wi-FI Alliance Certification

As part of the Wi-Fi Alliance certification, devices are subjected to various tests. Not only is Wi-Fi functionality tested, but interoperability with other Wi-Fi® certified products is tested as well.

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